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Ace cars offer a punctual and reliable taxi service to the Shuttleworth collection also Shuttleworth college and all the air shows held at Shuttleworth.

All major Credit / Debit cards accepted in car.

We except card payment in car for all taxi journeys.


The collection was founded in 1928 by aviator Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth.

Some of the most notable aircraft in the collection are the five Edwardian aeroplanes, of which one is the oldest British aeroplane still in flying condition. What makes these exceptional is that they still fly (weather permitting). The oldest, with British civil registration G-AANG, is the Bleriot XI (still with original engine), which dates back to 1909 - six years after the Wright brothers' aircraft and the world's oldest airworthy aeroplane, the next oldest being, at only three weeks newer by date of manufacture, the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome's own restored original Bleriot XI (Bleriot factory serial number 56, with civil registration N60094) in the United States.


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